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Highlights from the Web no. 2 7th – 13th Jan 2013

Missiles Away, Awaiting Impact. The Ceres Crossroads 7th Jan. 2013 Interesting looking game in the late stages of development. 5150 Fringe Space is a small scale ship to ship space combat game with RPG elements. AAR – Retaking the Airport Gate BIG Force on Force 7th Jan. 2013 After action report of the latest battle in an excellent Force On Force campaign set in a fictional country in the near future. Normans versus Saxons AAR …

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Highlights from the Web no. 1 – 31st Dec – 6th Jan 2013

This is the first of what I plan to be a weekly look at some of  my favourite posts from around the interwebs. Another Mech Picture and GZG Hammer’s Slammers ClearHorizon 15mm Scale Miniatures Blog 31st Dec 2012 The Adventures of Sir Tenley Dewmed 2 Hour Blog 6th Jan. 2013 GZG Light Vac Suit Paint Test – Opinions wanted! ClearHorizon 15mm Scale Miniatures Blog 2nd Jan. 2013 Warrior Heroes – Legends, now shipping! 2 Hour …

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