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Why I play wargames and why I do it solo.

This is a bit of an unashamedly self indulgent post. If you read on you will see the words “I” and “I’ve” quite a lot. The intended audience for this post is me. Its an attempt to get my thoughts and feelings out of my head and written down. Why make it public? It may be of interest or use to someone. If it isn’t for you then I won’t be offended. As I’ve said …

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Hello World

Welcome to my blog. Here is where I will infrequently and at irregular intervals share the contents of my head with the world. I’ve been interested in wargaming on and off since my days as a spotty teenager the mid 80’s. For the past ten years I’ve been inactive but I’ve kept an eye on what goes on as real life took over. Although I started with 6mm tanks my heart belongs to sci-fi. My …

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