This is part of a series of posts documenting this project from start to finish. You can find links to all the posts on the main project page – A Stroll Down Ambush Alley

Before I start this I need to know what I want to achieve. This will stop me wandering off and doing something else. Once something is written down it’s easier to commit to.

Project Goals

  • I will play all the scenarios in Ambush Alley 1.8.3 with fully painted miniatures and scenery.
  • I will stay as true as possible to the forces and terrain used in the book. This means U.S. Marines vs. insurgents in a Middle Eastern/Asian country (Iraq or Afghanistan).
  • This project will be the sole focus of my gaming until it is finished.
  • Only gaming purchases directly related to this project will be made. Exceptions can be made for anything that has to be bought at that moment, for example a really good sale or an item on E-bay.

Thats the idea, now its time to make a plan.

Taking stock

Before I make a plan I need to take a look at what I have that I can use on this.

A quick look at the lead pile revealed around 70 Flytrap Factory Taliban still in blister packs ( I have a problem, but I think we all do) which covers the insurgents. I’ve cleaned them up and attached to bases, ready to start painting. 10 of them were already close to being finished but were abandoned for something else so thats a start.

For the first world forces the scenarios use US Marines. I have a fully completed unit of them from Flytrap Factory but there are only 2 fire teams, I need to have 3. Other than that I need a sniper and spotter. These aren’t available on Flytrap Factory’s website so I’m going to get them from somewhere else. Peter Pig have everything I need so I’ll get some of their U.S. Marines and maybe a few other packs to test out for the future.

The biggest deficit is in buildings. I’ll need to buy these or build from scratch. The sort of buildings seen in this type of conflict are relatively easy to make so I’ll be doing a bit of scratch building. I have several grass mats of varying sizes that I can use, I’m willing to compromise on this and use grass instead of the desert mat shown in the rules.

With that I now have enough information available to make a plan, this will be the subject of my next post.