I’ve decided to start a project building all the forces and scenery to play through the scenarios in the original version of Ambush Alley in 15mm. The rules were originally published by Ambush Alley games.

This page will be a hub listing all the blog posts and showing my progress.

Blog Posts

A new project – retro Ambush Alley

A Stroll Down Ambush Alley 1 – Setting my goals

Week 1 progress – Strolling Down Ambush Alley

Week 2 progress – Strolling Down Ambush Alley

Inventory -15mm

approx. 70 Flytrap Factory Taliban

14 Peter Pig US Marines

2 Peter Pig Hardened Militia, used as police.

8 Peter Pig African Militia used as generic Middle Eastern insurgents.

2×2 grass mat