I made a bit of a discovery in a local discount shop today. They are selling small topiary balls for £5 which are basically big balls of plastic leaves similar to artificial aquarium plants. What makes them interesting is that the plastic foliage can easily be popped off as they are grouped together with 4 stalks on a plastic base. Each group is about 20mm-25mm high as can be seen in the photo below. For scale is a GZG 15mm New Israeli.


As an experiment I’ve based 2 groups on a UK 2p and will decorate the base in the same way as the mini. above.


Just to give you a sense of how big it is, here is a picture of the full thing with the same miniature shown for scale. Apologies for the poor lighting.


And this is a small one. Next to it was one that looked about double the size.

This should give me a fair amount of scatter terrain (based on the 2p as above) but I can also see them based en mass to represent dense jungle or similar.