This is the first of what I hope will be weekly reports on what work I’ve done on this project over the past 7 days.

Being the first week, a lot of my time has been spent planning what needs to be done and taking stock of what I have that will be of use.

There has been some tangible progress though, the 70ish Flytrap Factory Taliban I have that will be other insurgents have all been cleaned up and attached to bases.  10 of them were about 80% painted and these have now been finished off apart form adding static grass to the bases and varnishing. These 2 stages will be done once all of the painting on the insurgents is finished.

I’ve calculated rough sizes of all the buildings used in the scenarios listed in the rules ( each scenario has a top down picture of the fully laid out playing surface ) and I’ll be using these sizes to scratch build approximations of the buildings.

Finally, I’ve started creating a virtual table layout using the graphics package Affinity Designer from This has top down versions of all the buildings in the scenarios and I’ve started working on some playing pieces to represent units. I’m hoping to keep this up to date with my terrain collection to make this a scenario planning tool. But for now I’ll be using it to learn the rules whilst I’m building up my forces.

The next week should see me continuing to paint up my insurgents and putting an order in to Peter Pig for some of their modern U.S. Range to make up the Free World forces.