Things are still moving, albeit a bit slower than I would like.

On the workbench is the second batch of Flytrap Factory Taliban though painting is slow. I think my normal method of painting 12 at a time might not be holding up when dealing with irregular forces. The eclectic mix of colours and equipment is the problem so I think I need to at least double the batch size to make it more efficient.  I’ve been working on the same batch for almost a week and I would say they are only 60% painted. The fact that I only have an hour or so every night doesn’t help either.

An order was placed with Peter Pig for enough US Marines to cover all the scenarios in the book with the exception of an AAV7 which I’ll put on the back burner for now. This arrived yesterday ( not bad as I ordered them on Monday night) and I’ve added a review of them to the blog.

As well as the Marines I ordered a pack of Hardened Militia and a pack of African Militia. The Hardened Militia I see being used as a force similar to the Afghan National Police. The African Militia I think will work well as generic Middle Eastern insurgents. From the point of view of the project, the Hardened Militia will be used in the Contracting Trouble scenario in place of Western contractors, modifying the story slightly so the Marines come to the rescue of a local Police patrol. The African Militia can be added to the insurgent pool, playing the part of foreign fighters if called upon.

To round off this week, heres a crap photo of the Flytrap Factory Taliban I finished last week.

Flytrap Factory 15mm Taliban