This is just a quick update this week. I’ve finished the 2nd batch of Flytrap Factory Taliban and the 3rd batch of 12 is about 50-60% done.

To speed things up I’ve cut out the highlight shade and they look fine with just the dark shade and the base shade. Mixing highlight shades of 5 or 6 colours is quite time consuming.

I’ve also added some extra miniatures that have been sitting in storage – 32 Rebel Miniatures militia and gunmen, some finished and some at an early stage. These will bring the pool of foreign fighters up to 40.

To finish off here is a quick rundown of what I have so far for the project

Fully Painted and varnished

12 Rebel Miniatures Modern Militia and Armed Gunmen

Painted, awaiting static grass and varnishing

22 Flytrap Factory Taliban.

Painting in progress

12 Flytrap Factory Taliban

Attached to bases and cleaned up

15 Peter Pig US Marines.

8 Peter Pig African Militia (used as generic Middle East militia)

2 Peter Pig Hardened Militia (used as paramilitary police)

31 Flytrap Factory Taliban

20 Rebel Miniatures Modern Militia and Armed Gunmen

Still to be cleaned up and based

8 Flytrap Factory Taliban support